Monday, January 19, 2009

An Idea That (I Wish) Just Might Work.

Poor Unmarried Housewife has been having an issue lately. Her old Cybershot camera has turned into a Cybershit (naughty housewife* language). This is the camera I have used for years, documenting bratling's life in all its most pointless yet cute moments (and for gathering blackmail for when she's older). It has been a staple way of harassing friends with countless pictures of rabbits and random pictures taken at the drop of the hat. That camera was important, nay, vital to this housewife's domestic life. Now it won't turn on anymore.

Now how will I get new blackmail material?**

Gra hasn't been given the sales pitch yet from me about getting a replacement. Yet, every moment without my camera is just one more moment Kid just has to do something priceless that I wished I could have captured. So my idea is this. I should make myself a blog and title it "Give me free stuff". There everyone can go and give me free stuff and I'd blog about it. Oh don't look at me that way, if you remember I have a history of being a dreamer. Knowing my luck however, one of you out there has already tapped the potential of getting free stuff blogs and I will have to come up with some other benificial yet ultimately frivolous blog. I'll have to get back to you all on that one.

----"there's probably a whole chain of folks being copied with this section" section----

*Naughty housewife is one of my Snoop o' tron's funnier search terms that bring people to this blog. I figure if they really want a naughty housewife I'll just have to keep posting about my regular stunts.

**Oh lordy where do I start with this one. That video is titled "Bunny Dance 3" Kid was three then, and I couldn't suceed at getting my rabbits to dance for their banana.

Kids humor your whims a lot easier. For you enlightenment, bratling has always had that nudist streak in her, only now we can at least keep her pants on... at least for a little while.


The Microblogologist said...

My niece is so damn cute! Mayhap I'll have a chit chat with Mom about getting you a camera. I'm really happy with my new one so I'll probably pimp it to her, but preferably in a different color so we do not mix them up. Had this happened sooner we coulda got you one for your b-day and/or Christmas. Oh and the post would have had better flow if the vids were switched ;p.

Mainly the "famous" bloggers get free stuff that companies give them so they'll review it and such. With using that keyword maybe the pervs will launch you into that readership bracket and there will be 10 cameras waiting for you in the morning!

Unmarried Housewife said...

That would rock so hardcore. :)