Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Devious Ingenious Look and Find

As per the last post where I mentioned the copious amounts of crud that had overrun the house and my efforts taken into cleaning it I shall update you all on the current status of Operation Cleanup.

My faithful reader, Nonna wishes there were pictures of pile Crapatoa* and believe me, I do too. I shall pull out my archives and find photo evidence of the once majestic, long gone mini mount to satiate curiosity. For morbid curiosity sakes I bring you an unedited picture of old pile Crapatoa before it hit its full glory

Now picture it about three times bigger.

There you have it, early Crapatoa. That corner space between the stairs and the garage door. It had a good year plus to grow since that picture and grow it did. Now that between rooms room is fully clean (it could use a vacuuming I'll get on that later today).

Pa helps out as does Gra as I have mentioned as well, today I came up with a devious ingenious way to lull Kid into joining my efforts. Look and Find~! It's one of her favorite kinds of books and also computer games that we do together. It started with some empty food boxes hidden about. It quickly escalated into plastic bags and socks. I'm excessively pleased with myself. There's even mini-games to go with our "game". Such as Bag-Bag** Bagsketball and Socks Matcher!. Now Bratling is begging for another round of Look and Find with me and I can not help but giggle within for how easy it was suckering convincing her that cleaning can be fun.

----that section again----

*I can name the mess piles if I want, thank you very much.

**Have a lot of bags? Put the bags in a bag to make a bag-bag! They double as a stuffed bag-ball for extra fun.


The Microblogologist said...

Great job Sibling, funny that you got her begging to do more! Enjoy it while it lasts, that child can be quite fickle and all. Middle Sis likely lost faith over the years she tried to clean up and it never stuck. Some of it is there is just too much crap, the rest is people are lazy. The sooner that house is cleaned and kept clean the greater Niecey's chance of getting into the habit of keeping things tidy. But not insane OCD like the cousins!

nonna said...

i don't know micro, i think in the future hubby will like her to be insane OCD clean. i know i wish my hubby was! i love the help, i'm in jail, let me out, screaming look that bratling has. is that how she got her name? hehe

Unmarried Housewife said...

Oh she's earned that name real well. Ha ha that door at the bottom of the stairs was built just for her. You can't even to this day really let her go somewhere without an adult actively watching her. She gets into everything and makes a mess.

Not that we're locking her in the basement alone! Pa and I spend the day down here and so she hangs out with us where we can keep our eyes on her.